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print & digital 

JDS Graphic Design Studio specializes in creating captivating print media, from eye-catching flyers and brochures to elegant
coffee table books.

We do all kids of print media 

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architect hrishikesh

JDS Graphic Design Studio specializes in crafting exquisite coffee table books tailored for builders and architects.
We meticulously collect and organize data to create stunning high-end books that not only impress but also narrate the compelling story of your business, adding a touch of sophistication and prestige to your brand's image.

01. Coffee Table Books

At JDS, we understand that a visual identity goes beyond just a logo—it extends to cohesive print collaterals. Whether for retail or high-tech brands, our designs create a pleasant and welcoming communication. In industrial graphic storytelling, we focus on product information and features, yet we've successfully made even scientific products attractive through effective communication.

02. Print Media + Visual Identitiy

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from UI \ UX design to product display

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Within JDS Catalogue Creations, every page unfolds a narrative, not just a collection of products. We delve into the essence of your brand, ensuring each catalogue embodies your identity. Our expertise extends from retail to high-tech, crafting catalogues that communicate, inform, and resonate. Explore the stories behind the products.

03. Catalogues

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from single pager,  4 pager, 16 page to 24 and more 

04. Magazine Cover

Shrishti magazine covers

Capturing the essence of campus life, JDS excels in creating vibrant college magazines. We blend creativity with information, turning pages into a visual journey that reflects the diverse experiences, achievements, and spirit of your institution. Let your college's story come alive in every issue.

JDS portfolio_23 jan 2020 (1)_Page_49.jpg

05. Infographics

Unlock complex information with JDS Infographics. We transform data into visual narratives, making it easily digestible and engaging. From statistics to processes, our infographics convey a clear and compelling story, enhancing understanding and leaving a lasting impact. Simplify the complex with our visually dynamic and informative designs.

JDS portfolio_23 jan 2020 (1)_Page_50.jpg

information needs to look attractive 

06. Digital Presentations

Experience dynamic storytelling with JDS Digital Presentations. We seamlessly blend design and content, creating engaging presentations that captivate audiences. From corporate pitches to educational lectures, our digital presentations convey your message with impact, leaving
a lasting impression. Elevate your communication with our visually compelling and effective presentations.

digital presentations

Essential Business PDF Portfolio

07. Wedding Invites


Crafting unforgettable moments begins with JDS Wedding Invites. We design elegant, personalized invitations that capture the essence of your special day. From traditional to modern themes, our invitations, adorned with beautiful illustrations, set the tone for a celebration filled with love and anticipation. Let us turn your vision into a beautifully crafted invitation that vividly reflects your unique story.

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